Zend Framework Development

open source software development framework

Zend is an open source software development framework implemented in PHP and is based on modular MVC (Model view controller) design. It is extremely simple and lightweight yet very productive. It offers loosely coupled libraries to meet 4 out of your 5 common functionality requirements and rest you can customize/develop as per your specific business needs. All component libraries are rigorously tested, flexible and extendible. We can say, Zend is developer’s rejoice.

Open Source Development offers to develop highly customized web applications using Zend framework for various industries. With technological advancements, we have adopted using the latest version of Zend, for application development.

Till now Open Source Development (PHP Development Company) has successfully implemented more than 30 large sized projects using Zend. We keep ourselves updated about the change logs and new Zend libraries.

Why Zend Framework?

  • Friendly and easy licensing
  • Fully tested and easily extendible code base
  • Rapid development because of default code generation and ready to use code base
  • No training cost because of its easy to learn & implement
  • Large number of contributors who are constantly submitting code
  • Quality documentation and support
  • Easy database porting without any modification in code, supports all databases like Oracle , DB2 and MySQL
  • Easy implementation of MVC architecture, AJAX, RSS and Web Services.

Our Zend Framework Development Services includes:

  • Zend Application Development
  • Zend Portal development
  • Zend Website Development
  • Tailored Zend Framework Development

Some of the solutions that we have developed using Zend are –

  • Admin Module – We created a web based administration panel, so that administrator can manage his website and make it more personalized. Sub admin account can also be created and specific rights can be assigned to them also.
  • Super Admin Module- Contains interfaces that allow our client to create and manage important things like license holders and revenue sharing terms. Reports like keywords used, campaigns and revenue generated etc can be created
  • SMS gateway – For running and advertising campaign using SMS. Both the one way (broadcast) and two way (receive & broadcast) services are available
  • Payment gateway – For receiving payment online in safe and secure manner
  • Creation of customizable campaigns – Features like voting, contests, coupons are provide to make advertising campaign more interactive in nature. Response is sent on the basis of key words
  • Creation of database – Advertiser can create a database and generate a report based on the acquired data
  • Front end website – A white level account is given to advertiser, so that he or she can change the look and feel of the website.

Our experience and ever growing list of satisfied clients is ample proof that Zend is one of the best web application frameworks available today. It provides unparalleled advantages in creating user friendly and functional web applications, some of which are extremely hard to find in other frameworks.



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