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Website Maintenance support plans

Websites which do not update regularly or avail such web maintenance service can become a static website. This will directly affect the effectiveness and eventually be a reason of drop in the number of visitors to your websites. Most of the times, businesses and organizations do not have ample time to look into upgrading their website,. We have our dedicated web maintenance support team for providing you with a solution to this problem. A well-updated website has better chances of getting noticed by search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing and others.

Website Maintenance support plans are given below:

2 hrs support Plan - 1 staff working for 2hrs support
4 hrs support Plan - 1 staff working for 4hrs support
8 hrs support Plan - 1 staff working for 8 hrs support
16 hrs support Plan - 2 staff working for 16 hrs support
24 hrs support Plan - 3 staff working for 24 hrs support
Night shift will also be there but Sundays and national holidays it will be a holiday.
24/7 support Plan - 3 staff working for 24/7 hrs support
On holidays and on Sundays - all days the work will go on non-stop

Our job is to work on these throughout the day. Here are some job details given below. That includes:

  • Site development using coding and scripting languages
  • Updating website data entry
  • Updating website data
  • Controlling the admin site and approving valid data
  • Deletion of invalid data

Although, we have separate packages for those who want to speed up the work and get it done fast as we design and add new things with the help of coding languages.

These are the following maintenance jobs that we look into:

  • Verifying and updating the links to avoid any broken links in the website.
  • Site verification is necessary for proper running of the site and its back up.
  • We make minor changes related to word, sentence and corrections.
  • Checking the rank among search engines and making minor SEO adjustments..
  • To add, change and delete email addresses.
  • We answer short and easy questions of clients about the site, search engines, browsers and in bringing corrections in the broken scripts.
  • Look into the status.
  • We maintain matters related to security which includes scripts, databases, image, bandwidth theft, etc.

We cover the following things under web maintenance:

  • Maintaining the server
  • Maintaining the email
  • Designing work for a website
  • Coding work needed for a website

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Our Work

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