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The responsive website also allows the web pages to be viewed through a wide range of devices including mobile phones. These designs are designed to adapt to any kind of devices, browsers, and varying screen sizes. Our web development teams are experts in creating responsive website that are flexible and fluid adaptive. These days mobile internet has gained a valuable place in the market so the RWD´s can be viewed on mobile phones with any kind of screen resolution.

The technical experts develop RWD´s with the three core key concepts in mind which include media queries and media query listeners. Sizing and resizing is usually a problem faced with web designs, so we make use of flexible grid-based layouts with relative resizing. The images and other kind of media used are flexible and make use of dynamic resizing or CSS. Usually mobile phones lack the browsers that support JavaScript which are used in basic web development.

So, JavaScript frameworks like jQuery, Modernizr and jQuery Mobile are used for support on mobile phones. They help to test whether the browser supports HTML/CSS. Our technical teams are also experts in providing RWD with server side components which supports user experience which is better optimized on mobile phones. Sometimes, AJAX is also used to display the various complicated contents of a web page.


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Our Work

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