Payment Gateway Integration Services

Want to start accepting credit card payments on your website?

We integrate all major payment gateways including, Paypal, Worldpay, 2Checkout, Verisign ,CC avenue, EBS etc. Our programmers can quickly integrate your website with the payment gateway & help you start accepting payments in no time.

As the online shopping trend increasing at exponential rates, it is very important that your online business integrated with a payment gateway to your merchant account, so that you easily and securely get your money and customers will also don’t hesitate to pay you online.

We have special expertise in recurring billing and ecommerce shopping cart payment integration.

·  Payment page on your website to start accepting credit cards

·  Receive an email on every attempt of payment for each customer

·  Track IP address of customer with country name to prevent fraud

·  Receive instant payment received notification

·  Allow customers with easy check out & reduce repeated data entry

PayPal Shopping Cart Integration Service

The PayPal Shopping Cart is a low-cost way for you to accept credit card and bank account payments, and can be fully integrated with your website in a few easy steps.

Our Available PayPal Integration Services:

  • Website payment standard
  • Website payments pro
  • Payflow gateway
  • Paypal Express Checkout

What are the benefits?

Save time and money with PayPal’s hassle-free Shopping Cart:

  • Easy to implement – no CGI scripting necessary
  • No up-front costs – you’ll have the same low fee schedule used when you receive other PayPal payments
  • Sell with ease – PayPal maintains detailed transaction records on our website
  • Improve buyer experience – with customizable buttons and secure payments, happy customers become repeat customers

Google Checkout Integration Service:

Google Checkout is a shopping cart checkout process that you integrate with your Online storefront or website, Once a customer buys something, you can use Google Checkout to charge their credit cards, process their orders, and receive payments to your personal or business bank account. Google Checkout is a fast, convenient checkout process that complements your existing process. Customers who useGoogle Checkout can buy from you quickly and securely, using a single username and password – and you can use Google Checkout to process their orders and charge their credit or debit cards.

Why Google Checkout?

  • Attract new customers
  • Convert more sales
  • Protect yourself from fraud

WorldPay Checkout Integration Service

Being successful in various countries, WorldPay payment system allows taking advantage of local payment methods such as Electron, Maestro and Laser. Apart from this, you can use different languages and currencies with Worldpay. This payment system strives to serve various businesses on global basis.

Worldpay is a type of payment gateway integration that processes millions of payments across the globe for every type of business, securely and quickly. Whether you want to transfer funds online, face-to-face or over the phone, you will be able to accept every major card from your customers – as well as bank transfers, direct debits and a wide range of local cards.

Realex Payment Gateway Services

We provide a great range of online payment services for our clients all around the world.

We add all the required modules and features to your existing online payment methods by implementing an effective Realex Payment Gateway. Before processing credit card payments in real time, merchants need to have a merchant’s services agreement with their bank. They must also have to choose an integration option with Realex payment gateway that links their website, sales system or call centre application with Realex’s Payment Gateway. We have a wide range of integration options to suit the requirements of merchants.

Payment Gateways

Integrate Payment Gateway

Our dedicated team possesses expertise in the field and will aid in making it easier for you to keep track of your online transactions based on your needs through an instinctive and disciplined approach. SIM (Server Integration Method)

  • The merchant does no require an SSL Certificate installed on their website
  • It uses 128 bit data encryption and digital fingerprints
  • Customization over the look of the receipt of the pages and payment AIM (Advanced Integration Method)

  • Fully customizable and the most secure solution that can be integrated on your website.
  • Total control throughout the payment process
  • Advanced integration with custom shopping cart and other web platforms using an online billing solution ARB (Automated Recurring Billing)

  • ARB is an efficient tool that allows you to bill your clients on periodic basis without having to re-enter their billing information.
  • Based on the billing information, this develops a subscription for each client. CIM (Customer Information Manager)

  • This system allows vendors to bill their clients on request while maintaining their client sensitive billing information in a secure PCI environment with This system offers proper billing solution such that your clients need not have to re-enter their billing information.
  • You can bill your client different amounts each time and on the same or non-recurring dates.

By using payment gateway integration services, you can offer your customers hassle free shopping and online payment with total security. This enables you to accept payments safely and easily.

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