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At Open Access Library, our goal is simple – to always do what’s right for our visitors and be an open access, stable platform they can trust. We are committed to building lasting visitor relationship and providing innovative products and services that cater to their knowledge needs.

Internationale Katzenzüchterliste IKZL

All users of the International cat breeder list (IKZL) are obliged to respect in the use of existing services to achieve full compliance.

Become a member of the IKZL!

The following memberships are available:

1 IKZL standard membership (30 € per year)

You can for one year up to two kennels and enter up to 8 litters or pups / neuters. (10 Listings Total)
You can always edit the entries or to delete.
The membership fee is 30 € per year and is payable in advance.
The membership is only extended if you pay prompted the annual fee after 12 months. Otherwise, your membership including ads will be paused.
There are then no further claims on you.

Become Parents

‘Become Parents’ is a leading ‘Ethical Surrogacy Agency’ based out of Mumbai, India Surrogacy Agency. Formed in 2007 in Melbourne, Australia, it has been helping desirous couples and to date has aided more than 500 couples realize their dreams.

The main objective of this agency is to make your ‘surrogacy journey’ hassle-free and emotionally rewarding. In order to do so, we provide guidance and support to the Intended Parents (IP) throughout the process, starting from the initial inquiry up until they take the baby home! Being former IPs, we know how expensive Surrogacy procedure can amount to. This is the reason our Agency while offering the best possible service.


Nguni Hides, known all over the world have become highly sought after and desired!

We offer our customers highly fashionable decorating items, as well as something proudly.

The distinctive pattern of the African Nguni cow hide is used to hand craft decorative leather carpets, suede cushions, leather handbags, belts and other nguni cow hide products, creating a trendy yet durable item with a unique flavor.

Business Locator


You know what you are looking for. We now make it simple to find store locations and contact information for the Web’s most popular businesses.

The Business Locator Feature allows you to showcase retail stores, restaurants, and other locations where your wines and products can be purchased. Consumers will be able to look for businesses by Category, Location (State/Province & City), or Zip Code search. Businesses will then be displayed on a Google map. To learn how to work with the Business Locator please see the following video and text information.

Reporting Nigeria

Reporting Nigeria is a News Website. Our News Content is compiled by journalists and Online News Bloggers with proven integrity and excellent track records. We  stand out in our reportage. We receive and publish Articles from eye reporters (iReporters). Our non-partisan iReporters Section receives and publishes articles from across the world and is growing everyday. Our iReporters Articles are published irrespective of their opinions and affiliations. We believe in free speech and constructive criticism; without which no society can make substantial progress. – See more at:

Newsletter| StockGoneWild is a news portal that reports breaking news and research on the stock market. Additionally, we strive to feature and advertise penny stock companies that may have strong movement potential!

Unlike other sites, we are very upfront with our subscribers. We are always available to discuss the penny stock market.

We love to scour the  market and find the best stocks that the rest of the market is not aware of yet. Gold Stocks, Penny Oil Stocks, Pharmaceutical Stocks, FDA Approval Plays – we cover all sectors.

With penny picks from NASDAQ, NYSE, OTCBB, and Pink Sheets, you may gain great insight into whats hot right now! Join our FREE Newsletter today!

Oriental Fashion Store

We are British sellers based in the south of England, offering wide selection of unique and beautiful Oriental/Chinese Traditional Cheongsam, Qipao at competitive prices with many different colours and sizes available.  We also sell men’s clothing as well as women’s clothing.  All ages (over 18) are welcome to browse and order.  Our styles will suit any age.  All of the clothes in my Store are not pre-order items from China/Hong Kong.  I have them in stock.

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